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Podcast 13: Gita Ghate: India's consumers are changing

India’s consumer patterns are shifting faster than ever, accelerated by a changing post-Covid mindset. To ensure these trends and cultural behaviours are fully understood, our team is heading back to India in December 2022 for an ethnographic research study.

In this podcast Tassos Stassopoulos and Gita Ghate, Managing Director of ethnographic research firm Third Eye discuss the changing mindset of Indian consumers and possible areas for the study.

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Podcast Questions

  • The world has seen major events recently, Covid, the war in Ukraine, inflation and energy shock. However, away from the headlines our recent ethnographic study in Brazil found some fundamental changes with consumers, partially driven by the pandemic. What are you seeing on the ground in India? [0.43]

  • What are the changes from the pandemic that we should focus on for the Indian consumer? [01:45]

  • Is there a change in the fatalist mentality in the consumers’ mindset? [02:53]

  • What changes do you see in the lifestyle in the Indian consumer, post Covid? [03:21]

  • So locking them into their homes created an acceleration of this (local travel) trend [04:43]

  • One other trend that we have been looking at is a the different speeds of trends between what we call ‘India One’ and ‘India Two’ in the past. The ‘India One’ of the big cities – very westward looking – and the ‘India Two’ which lives in Tier Two cities and much more focused on their Indianness. Are we going to find any changes? [05:03]

  • In the past we always spent a lot of time visiting rural areas. Are we going to see the rise of an ‘India Three’ in the rural areas, which will start to become meaningful to domestic consumption at this stage? [06:11]

  • We have been doing these studies now for over a decade together and have looked at a number or trends over the years. Is there something unusual that you are picking up and we should investigate further in the studies? [7:05]

  • So what type of things should we be looking at in this area (of changing personal relationships) [9.08]

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