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  • Deliver strong, risk adjusted returns by anticipating EM social and environmental trends through ethnographic research.

  • Identify companies that can capture those trends, and have sustainable business models with quantifiable risks.

  • Back managements whose interests are aligned with all stakeholders, and have shown discipline in managing their cashflows and balance sheets.

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We believe that it is consumers who dictate long-term trends, and that our investment methodology must engage them from the beginning.

We use qualitative research techniques, observing consumers in their homes and workplaces, in order to understand their lives and the issues they face.

We use an in-depth approach, focusing on individuals rather than general market factors. This helps us to identify behaviours not recognised in traditional market research.

We want to capture these trends long before they become official statistics. Our key skill is turning our immersions visits into insights that predict the trends and success stories of tomorrow.

The Three "I's" Process


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Source: CIA The World Factbook, Trinetra

Note: 1) Some ethnographic trips performed by team members prior to engagement with Trinetra

Since 2010, we have spent over 200 days in consumers' homes, through 28 journeys to 15 countries¹. We believe that one-on-one time with individuals in their homes and places of work is essential for understanding their lives.


To be successful, we have to go the same source as consumer goods companies and consultants.


Through our immersions in emerging market households we aim to provide insights and to bust misconceptions about EM consumers. To understand what's happening next you need to understand why something is happening now.


We hold regular debriefing sessions with professional ethnographers in emerging markets and form hypotheses that we validate through quantitative data. 

Investment mapping

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We use our discussions with consumers and debrief sessions with ethnographers to map growth areas. Our goal is to identify trends before they show up on investors' spreadsheets. We create immersion maps to identify companies catching the tailwinds of these trends.

Three Is Anchor
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