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Podcast 4: The End of Western Cultural Imperialism

Societies in Emerging Markets are changing, but many people assume that with modernisation comes westernisation. In this podcast Tassos Stassopoulos talks to Mike Ivatt about how the increasing ability for countries to produce their own content leads to the development of their own identities, staying connected to their values rather than following the same path as the West.

Podcast Questions

  • Many people assume that societies in Emerging Markets are where many people assume that societies in EM’s are now where the developed world was one or two generations ago, but they are catching up fast. Surely it is only a question of time before their wants and needs look much the same as the developed world? [0:06]

  • Can you give me an example of a product that would resonate with EM values? [4.36]

  • In the past we talked about statistics not being able to give you the full picture in EMs, but with machine learning and better data, surely it is only a matter of time before machines will take over the investment process? [6.12]

  • So, you talk there about the “why”, how do we go about finding out the “Why”? What is the process you us? [7.36]

  • Your team needs to understand what is in people’s minds. What sort of skills do you look for in your team to undertake that task? [11.36]

  • You have worked with EMs for many years now. What personal misconceptions did you have and what did you need to change about yourself? [13.37]

  • How do you see the future growth rate of EMs in light of things like more and more automation? Have we now missed the boat for opportunities that Emerging Markets once held? [15.06]

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