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Podcast 11: Inflation, PIX & pets - Brazil’s changing consumer habits

Which new habits will remain post COVID, how are consumers reacting to rising inflation and why have the pets come in from the cold? Tassos Stassopoulos shares the insights from his recent immersion trip to Brazil and discusses the wide-reaching impact of the digital banking revolution sweeping Latin America’s largest economy.

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Podcast Questions

  • Tassos, you did your first in-person study post-COVID; what was it like to be on the road again? [00:00]

  • What was the difference between the study you have just done and those you did pre-COVID? [01:06]

  • Not having these people [supporting team in ethnography] does it remove any aspect of the ethnographic study [02:00]

  • Can you share some initial highlights of your findings from your trip? [03:08]

  • Are these really symbols of progress or are they just the pent-up demand from everybody locked up from COVID? [04:12]

  • Those things may be in the short term, are there any more long-term behaviour changes that are happening at the moment? [05:27]

  • Was there anything that you discovered while you were in Brazil that you were not expecting? [06:57]

  • It is an interesting change, an animal [dogs] that was once seen as dirty is now being welcomed into the home. Do we know why that is? [08:40]

  • In the past we have talked quite a lot about fintech and I believe Brazil is on the forefront with the astronomical rise of its digital payment system PIX. Tell me about PIX and the impact it is having? [09:30]

  • So these are small businesses that would rather pay the 5% and get the money instantly than paying 3.5% and have to wait? [12:27]

  • For you personally, what was your favourite moment? [13:48]

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