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Podcast 12: Why ethnography is more important than ever

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Ethnography helps to identify upcoming consumer trends, but also requires a lot of preparation to select the countries for research and frequency of visits. In this latest podcast Tassos discusses why desk top research tells you very little about the consumer is thinking, how his research has changed over the years and why immersion studies are as important than ever.

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Podcast Questions

  • You have done immersions trips since 2010. They must take an awful lot of time to organise and certainly take time to undertake and are expensive. What do you gain from going to these places that you would not gain from a computer in the comfort of your own office? [00:00]

  • How do you decide those countries that you are going to visit for your studies? [01:30]

  • Now you have to visit these countries more than once, don’t you? How often do you go back and visit them? [01:50]

  • When you are visiting these countries, are you going to prove or test a theory, or do you go there with a blank sheet of paper? [04:10]

  • How does ethnography work to identify the new trends? [05:08]

  • The insights that you have discovered in one country, how easy is it to transfer those to another country? [07:48]

  • You have been doing these studies for over a decade now. How have the topics changed over the years? [09:32]

  • Tell me, as we come to the end, what has been the more unusual study you had to perform? [10:06]

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