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Emerging Market Investing: You're Doing it Wrong

Tassos Stassopoulos discusses with Max Wiethe at Real Vision, why the tailwind of Emerging Market consumer demand growth is strong enough to overpower macro headwinds, the EM trends brought to light by ethnographic research and how COVID-19 is accelerating certain trends.

Please click to access the interview below:


  1. 00:01:03 Foundations & Background

  2. 00:05:58 Emerging Market Epiphanies

  3. 00:13:52 What Drives Trends?

  4. 00:18:59 Identifying Consumer Trends with Ethnographic Research

  5. 00:24:22 Solving for Shifting Cultures and Values

  6. 00:39:39 The Biggest EM Consumer Trends to Watch

  7. 00:49:20 The Effects of COVID-19 on Trends and Research

  8. 00:59:20 Conclusions and Takeaways

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