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CNBC TV18: Wizards of Dalal Street

Tassos Stassopoulos interview with Ramesh Damani on Wizards of Dalal Street on CNBC-TV18, discussing upcoming trends in Emerging Markets and the power of small samples.

Please click to access the interview below:


  1. Can you tell me how the work of your firm ties in with the name of your firm “Trinetra”? [0:58]

  2. To identify long term trends is it not better to speak to companies and managements instead of working with small samples of 30-50 people? [3.37]

  3. It seems counter-intuitive to me, people today rely on big data, computers number crunching and you are relying on the power of small samples. Does that not seem to you as counterintuitive? [5.51]

  4. One of the things, you came up with in your Indian studies is that there are really two India’s. You call it India One and India Two, how do they break up and which is the bigger segment of the population? [8.29]

  5. Is it because broadband is available in rural areas that people do not want to migrate to urban areas? [11.00]

  6. What distinguishes people in India one vs. India two are not necessarily wealth or education but it is attitudes and values. Is that what you are saying? [13.48]

  7. The purpose of your research is to identify trends which then helps you invest in companies. For India Two which is bulk of the market and one that most companies are trying to crack, what are the ways to play that you have found? [15.32]

  8. Do you think there are more trends like that which we need to be aware of for our investments? [17.12]

  9. What about the present time, how is the world, how is India and how is behaviour going to change thanks to Covid-19? [20.47]

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