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Webinar: 50 Shades of ESG

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

A singular obsession with certain ESG metrics is taking us down a narrow and precarious path. It leads to a black and white box-ticking world where we risk exacerbating the very problems that ESG aims to solve.

In this webinar hosted by Portfolio Construction Forum, Tassos Stassopoulos argues that not much is black and white in ESG, and little can be meaningfully captured by ticking a box. The real world is more like 50 shades of grey, where we must balance doing good with the harm that our actions cause.

The focus should therefore be on some simple and straightforward principles to identify a company’s true purpose and goals, ensuring that they are aligned with investors’ intentions.

The video is optimised for Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Microsoft Edge. Some Safari browsers might have problems accessing the video.

The views expressed herein do not constitute research, investment advice or trade recommendations and do not necessarily represent the views of Trinetra Investment Management LLP and are subject to revision over time. Trinetra is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.


Dan Miles
Dan Miles
Jun 07, 2021

Excellent presentation Tassos. The ESG debate is, and has to be, anything but black and white. You may have already heard these podcasts, but if even if you have I'd recommend anyone reading this to listen to the two-part podcasts on Smarter Markets with Robert Friedland - he begins by saying that we need to outline what we're trying to solve for, and then goes through the non-black and white nature of the energy sourcing component. It covers the many facets of energy production and how the answer isn't just as simple as solar and wind farms. Whilst the ethical component isn't as well articulated as your presentation and the two studies you've highlighted, it does however have a common…

Tassos Stassopoulos
Tassos Stassopoulos
Jun 10, 2021
Replying to

Many thanks Dan and I have listened now to the two-part podcast with Robert Friedland and it was very interesting. Particularly his views on geothermal solutions. Many thanks for pointed them out.

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