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Keynote: Focus your sustainability efforts on clients not managers

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Traditional finance theory suggests that the pursuit of profit is as universal as gravity. Yet the values of society change over generations and with that the goals and dreams of what people value and care about. Finance can no longer be considered in isolation, and must be looked at within the context of a country’s culture – something that shapes our clients’ biases, beliefs and behaviours, as well as our own. By refocusing their sustainable investing efforts from fund managers and onto client values and beliefs, practitioners will start a chain reaction which delivers sustainable outcomes for their clients and long-lasting relationships.

I outlined this in more detail at the Portfolio Construction Forum Finology Summit in Sydney in February 2020. Watch the presentation here and you can earn CPD points on the website.

To earn Continuing Education (CE/CPD) hours for watching this video, visit Portfolio Construction Forum is the specialist, independent, investment continuing education, accreditation and certification service.

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