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Podcast 8: Investing in the time of COVID-19

The market volatility resulting from the coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything faced by investment managers in modern time. In the shortened version of this podcast recorded on 21 March 2020, Jonathan Ramsay of InvestSense and Tassos Stassopoulos discuss investing with a long-term view during times of volatility, the art or contrarian stock picking and managing client money in these challenging times.

Podcast Questions

  • The reason why I reached out was seeing you buy a South American airline last week and my first thought was “there is a brave man than I Gunga Din” if you remember the Rudyard Kipling quote. That’s not something I feel ready to do. But you have already started buying, you are initiating positions in the market? [0:36]

  • Like I said I am glad that you are in the market doing these kind of things, are there any other industries where you can apply that thinking and specifically where governments have said that they are actually going to mitigate some of this risk, is that an opportunity for you? [6:49]

  • It is also a good conversation to have because everyone is reading the same stuff, getting worried about their personal lives, about their finances and to know that there is something we can do about it and some of our managers are actually starting to get a little bit positive about the market. Am I reading that wrong? Is your outlook as an investor fundamentally okay? [12:56]

  • The fact that you are willing to invest with the rational part of your brain is also important but also it speak to the work that you have been doing with Graham Rich and Portfolio Construction Forum on Finology and investor behaviour. This is kind of what we are aspiring to, no? [18:00]

The full podcast can be found on the Portfolio Construction Forum website.

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