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Podcast 3: When Statistics Lie

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Branded Faith
Source: Trinetra

In this podcast we discuss why statistics can lie, the importance of culture, and the impact that fintech from Emerging Markets will have on the Developed World.

Big data can give us faster and more detailed information about what is happening. But, especially in Emerging Markets, statistics and data often mislead or miss major trends as they struggle to keep up with fast-moving societies. In this podcast we discuss how analysing data and statistics might help you to understand what is happening, but not why something is happening. It can even lead you to draw incorrect conclusions. We will explain how properly planned and conducted ethnographic research can lead to understanding why things are happening, and to spot upcoming trends before they show up in the statistics.

Podcast Questions

  • Data is getting better, and we can analyse it faster, so why do you fell you need to visit places to gain insights? [0:15]

  • Statistics sometimes aren’t only not showing you the full story but not giving you context [2:38]

  • Can you give an example of how Big Data can miss out on the secondary effect of what happens in a market? [3:16]

  • How can you be sure that the people you are talking to are representative? [5:20]

  • Why is culture important? [7:04]

  • What sort of factors trigger cultural change? [7:35]

  • Ethnographic research discovers peoples’ hopes, fear and opportunities they try to exploit. How do you take that information and turn that into investments? [8.30]

  • Are things like fintech, which are proving to be big drivers in Emerging Markets, going to be taken up equally in the developed world? [10:47]

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