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Keynote: Values need to move from peripheral vision to the focal point

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

When investing in Emerging Markets we need to make an effort to understand consumers’ values. People no longer only want to be rich; they want to enrich their lives. And our interaction has to shift from transactional to relational.

Tassos Stassopoulos' latest talk at the Portfolio Construction Forum in Sydney in August is available here. It addressed the need to understand peoples' values when investing in Emerging Markets and how this could also apply to client relationships.

Registration is required but is free and instant. Portfolio Construction Forum has some great content which is all free.

Keynote Summary

Portfolio managers and investment advisers still too often follow their own values, rather than their clients’, when making investment decisions. Over the past 20 years, readily available online information has empowered our clients to make decisions and revolutionise the speed of investment. However, with the rise of AI, values have often become sidelined. In the 2020s, values will move from the periphery to the focal point for successful investments. They enhance existing data, provide deeper and richer understanding, resulting in better decision making in portfolio construction.

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