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Keynote: Incorporate black clouds of risk when capturing growth in EM

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Emerging Markets are full of undiscovered opportunities and hope. Analysts can get stary-eyed in the face of exciting growth stories and downplay major risks in an effort to show conviction, leading to flawed decision-making.

While assuming failure may seem a counter-intuitive way to invest in growth, a pre-mortem methodology that does exactly that, can act as a discipline to ensure scrutiny of all the risks a company faces. It is an effective way to avoid behavioural biases and objectively value companies, ensuring the black clouds of risk are incorporated into every blue sky story

Tassos Stassopoulos outlined this in more detail talk at the Portfolio Construction Forum Finology Summit in Sydney. Watch the presentation here and you can earn CPD points on the website.

To earn Continuing Education (CE/CPD) hours for watching this video, visit Portfolio Construction Forum is the specialist, independent, investment continuing education, accreditation and certification service.

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