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Podcast 9: Are EMs about to benefit from a longevity dividend?

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

It is often assumed that growth in Emerging Markets stems from the expanding youth population. On-the-ground insights, however, point to an overlooked longevity dividend, where people living in urban areas, carry on working to an older age, even starting new businesses or careers, in order to continue making connections and contributing and earning the respect that was previously given by virtue of age alone. In this podcast, recorded in late 2019 before COVID-19 whilst Trinetra was planning an upcoming Immersion visit to India, Tassos Stassopoulos discusses on-the-ground insights, and what it means for EM investment, with Gita Ghate, founder of Third Eye, an Indian Ethnographic Research Firm.

Podcast Questions

  • How changes in society are impacting older people and their spending habits [0:01] 

  • How are attitudes towards wellness changing in India [2:19] 

  • It isn’t about extending the number of years we live but quality. Sometimes we internally refer to these people as “Forever 40”. How do you maintain that age? [4.27]

  • Longevity: a demographic headwind or a longevity dividend? [6.36]

  • When you think of the older demographics, over the next five years, where do you think you will see the biggest changes in consumption patterns? What do you think will surprise us? [8.47]

  • Changes in food manufacturing to address the needs of older demographics. [10.39]

  • Is the research with companies you are working with focused on the youth, the Gen Z and the millennials, or are companies equal focused on older demographics? [15.01]

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