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Who we are


Ethnographic Research

Trinetra is a boutique Emerging Markets fund manager with a highly distinctive approach to research.

We believe that consumers, not consultants or companies, dictate consumptions trends.

Our big difference is that we conduct ethnographic studies, what we call Immersions. These involve qualitative research that centres around in-depth discussions with Emerging Market consumers in their homes.

We study their lives, their cultures and their values. We seek to understand the social and economic challenges that they face, and thereby the trends that are set to emerge.

Adhering to a rigorous process of stock selection and portfolio construction, we invest in companies that we believe are best positioned to solve consumers' challenges and to capture emerging trends.

Investment Philosophy

We aim to deliver strong, risk adjusted returns by anticipating EM social and environmental trends through ethnographic research.

We seek to identify companies that can capture those trends, and have sustainable business models with quantifiable risks.


We back managements whose interests are aligned with all stakeholders, and who have shown discipline in managing their cashflows and balance sheets.


Our Team

Tassos 2023 Pro Smile.png

Tassos Stassopoulos

Managing Partner,

Chief Investment Officer

Valli New.jpg

Valli Srikanthapalan

Research Analyst

Andy Reiss Trinetra.png

Andy Reiss


Research Analyst

Stephanie website pic 2.png

Stephanie Winterhagen

Chief Compliance Officer

Jonathan Cheah.png

Jonathan Cheah

Research Associate

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